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Design for Mass Adaptation of the Neurointerventional Training Model HANNES with Patient-Specific Aneurysm Models

Spallek, Johanna (1); Kuhl, Juliane (1); Wortmann, Nadine (1); Buhk, Jan-Hendrik (2); Fr // 2019
A neurointerventional training model called HANNES (Hamburg ANatomical NEurointerventional Simulator) has been developed to replace animal models in catheter-based aneurysm treatment training. A ...

Design Supporting a Customer-Perceived Intimacy-Strategy in Healthcare Services

Martens, Carmen (1,2); Herssens, Jasmien (1); Delcourt, Câcile (2) // 2019
Given that we live in a time within a growing competitive healthcare market, the customer experience and healing opportunities are on top of the priority list. However, little attention has been ...


Torrezzan, Cristina (1); van der Linden, Julio (1); Bohemia, Erik (2); Kaygan, Pınar (3); Bernardes, Mauricio (1) // 2019
Professionals as product designers, architects and engineers have an intrinsic relationship with drawing, using it to think, imagine and represent everything from a creative outline of a proposal to ...

Experimental Evaluation of a Debiasing Method for Analysis in Engineering Design

Nelius, Thomas; Matthiesen, Sven // 2019
During analysis in engineering design, systematic thinking errors - so-called cognitive biases - can lead to inaccurate understanding of the design problem. With a simplified version of the Analysis ...

Explore User Behaviour In Semi-Autonomous Driving

Shi, Yuan; Maskani, Jeyhoon; Caruso, Giandomenico; Bordegoni, Monica // 2019
The control shifting between a human driver and a semi-autonomous vehicle is one of the most critical scenarios in the road-map of autonomous vehicle development. This paper proposes a methodology to ...

Exploring the effect of combinational pictorial stimuli on creative design performance

Hua, Min (1); Han, Ji (2); Ma, Xuezi (3); Childs, Peter (1) // 2019
Visual stimuli can be useful in supporting design ideation process. However, researchers still know very little about how stimuli should be delivered to designers during the early design stage. This ...

Extracting and analysing design process data from log files of ICT supported co-creative sessions

Becattini, Niccolo' (1); Cascini, Gaetano (1); O'Hare, Jamie Alexander (2); Morosi, Federico (1); Boujut, Jean-Francois (3) // 2019
The observation of designers' behaviour in collaborative design activities and the analysis of protocols improved the understanding of how novel ideas emerge, what occurs among designers and, ...

From the car style pregnancy towards the brand country origin recognition

Bluntzer, Jean-Bernard (1); Ostrosi, Egon (2) // 2019
In the modern automotive industry, a car?s style clearly defines its brand. In the context of globalization, a question has recently emerged concerning the relationship between a country's culture ...

Human-in-the-loop Design with Machine Learning

Wang, Pan (1); Peng, Danlin (1); Li, Ling (2); Chen, Liuqing (1); Wu, Chao (3); Wang, Xiaoyi (3); Childs, Peter (1); Guo, Yike (1) // 2019
Deep learning methods have been applied to randomly generate images, such as in fashion, furniture design. To date, consideration of human aspects which play a vital role in a design process has not ...


Yu, Shu (1,2); Yuizono, Takaya (1); Kim, Eunyoung (1) // 2019
Under the trend of innovative society and economic development, how to cultivate different types of innovative professional design talents in a more effective and practical way is an important ...

Interpretations of design thinking across a large organization

Kosmala, Martyna; van der Marel, Floris; Bj // 2019
Design thinking has a prominent role as established corporations ramp up innovation efforts focusing on user needs. Current literature provides a plethora of definitions for design thinking with ...

Looking for Inspiration: Understanding the Information Evaluation and Seeking Behavior of Novice Designers During Creative Idea Generation

Damen, Nicole; Toh, Christine // 2019
Information usage is a key aspect of creative cognition and has been shown to influence design outcomes. The goal of this study was to investigate the information seeking behavior of student ...

Measuring Systems Engineering and Design Thinking Attitudes

Greene, Melissa T.; Gonzalez, Richard; Papalambros, Panos Y. // 2019
Systems engineering and design thinking have been widely seen as distinctly different processes, systems engineering being more data-driven and analytical, and design thinking being more ...

Mechatronics Enabling Kit for 3D Printed Hand Prosthesis

Wong, Tat Hang (1); Asnaghi, Davide (2); Leung, Suk Wai Winnie (1) // 2019
New advances in both neurosciences and computational approaches have changed the landscapes for smart devices design serving mobility-related disabilities. In this paper we present the integration of ...

Semantic analysis approach to studying design problem solving

Georgiev, Georgi V. (1); Georgiev, Danko D. (2) // 2019
To objectively and quantitatively study transcribed protocols of design problem solving conversations, we propose a semantic analysis approach based on dynamic semantic networks of nouns constructed ...

Semantic measures for enhancing creativity in design education

Georgiev, Georgi V. (1); Casakin, Hernan (2) // 2019
Analysing verbal data produced during the design activity is helpful to gain a better understanding of design creativity. To understand exchange of information in terms of creative outcomes, a ...

Systematic generation of a 3D DSM by extracting social robot behaviors from literature

Ozer, Ilayda; Erden, Zuhal // 2019
Social robots are in direct communication and interaction with people, thus it is important to design these robots for different needs of individuals or small groups. This has revealed the need to ...

The impact of viewing images of precedents on the cognitive process of architectural idea generation

Djari, Chahinez (1,2); Arrouf, Abdelmalek (1,2) // 2019
Among the increasing number of researches about design thinking, several studies, empirically investigate the report between design process and different sources of inspiration. Visualization of ...

The Neurocognition of Three Engineering Concept Generation Techniques

Shealy, Tripp (1); Gero, John (2) // 2019
Techniques and processes used for concept generation rely on composing new concepts and analysis given situational context. Composition and analysis require distinct neurocognitive function. For ...

The Novelty Perspectives Framework: A new conceptualisation of novelty for cognitive design studies

Hay, Laura; Duffy, Alex; Grealy, Madeleine // 2019
Novelty can be evaluated from the perspective of the designer who creates a concept (personal novelty), and people who perceive it post-creation (socio-novelty). In each case, the extent to which the ...

The Process And Operations Of Shape Generation And Manipulation During The Architectural Designing Activity

Bouhelis, Walid; Arrouf, Abdelmalek // 2019
This piece of work is concerned with how shapes are generated, explored and transformed during the architectural designing process. It postulates that the relations and connections between sketches, ...


Barr, Gavin James; Maclachlan, Ross // 2019
New digital sketch hardware and environments are increasingly used by design professionals and students to replicate traditional sketch platforms with multiple paperless advantages. The promise of ...

Towards an Ontology of Cognitive Assistants

Maier, Torsten; Menold, Jessica; McComb, Christopher // 2019
Cognitive assistants such as IBM Watson and Siri are at the forefront of social and technological innovation and have the potential to solve many unique problems. However, the lack of standardization ...

Towards Creativity Stimulating Design Intervention For Multidisciplinary Innovation Teams

Sander Välk; Céline Mougenot // 2019
The aim of our research is to stimulate cross disciplinary design collaboration to improve innovation processes in product and service design domain. We focus on the intersection of biotechnology and ...

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