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On the effectiveness of experimenting with C-K theory in design education: Analysis of process methodology, results and main lessons drawn

Blanchard, Philippe Michel; Corsi, Patrick; Christofol, Hervé; Richir, Simon // 2013
This paper experiments a transdisciplinary design innovation way in educational contexts through workshops implementing a C-K Theory-based co-evolution between Concepts and Knowledge spaces. At ...

Overcoming design fixation through education and creativity methods

Howard, Thomas J.; Maier, Anja M.; Onarheim, Balder; Friis-Olivarius, Morten // 2013
This paper reports an experiment on the topic design fixation using 12 teams of masters students working on three design problems from (Jansson and Smith 1991). The objective of the experiment is to ...

Remodel the public service based on behavioral maps and service design in case of Taipei MRT exit

Wang, Sheng-Ming; Molina, Rhecel; Anizar, Meutia; Wilczek, Wojciech // 2013
The main purpose of this study is to remodel the public service based on behavioral maps and service design in public space. Modeling human spatial behavior in public space is an area of great ...

The characteristics of form in relation to product emotion

Jamaludin, Mohd Syafiq; Zulkapli, Muhammad Fadli; Zainal Abidin, Shahriman // 2013
This study is to investigate the use of visual analogy in design characteristics. The main purpose is to provide an understanding of how product design can affect or influence user emotion. Emotion ...

Training for reflective competency in design teams: An empirical study

Weixelbaum, Ilona; Badke-Schaub, Petra; Dörner, Dietrich // 2013
The need for flexibility in designers’ acting and thinking processes can be seen as a core requirement for successful design practice. For designers collaborating in a team gaining cognitive ...

Triangulating front end engineering design activities with physiology data and psychological preferences

Steinert, Martin; Jablokow, Kathryn // 2013
lot data from an exploratory triangulation of front end engineering design activities with physiology data and psychological preferences. The aim is to gain more measurement control over engineering ...

Understanding fixation effects in creativity: A design-theory approach

Agogue, Marine; Cassotti, Mathieu // 2013
Despite diverse studies grasping at different aspects of fixation in creativity and design reasoning, the underlying mechanisms of fixation, i.e. the processes that lead to being fixed on a small ...

Using qualitative research methods in engineering design research

Daly, Shanna; McGowan, Anna; Papalambros, Panos // 2013
In order to support successful strategies in design education and practice, we must have a deep understanding of the complex dynamics of design processes, teams, contexts, and systems. Facilitating ...

What do the concept generation techniques of TRIZ, Morphological Analysis and Brainstorming have in common?

Kannengiesser, Udo; Williams, Christopher; Gero, John // 2013
One of the goals of design research is to identify regularities across different design processes. This paper presents experimental evidence that there exist commonalities between three separate ...


Nik Ahmad Ariff, N. S.; Badke-Schaub, P.; Eris, O.; Suib ,S. S. S. // 2012
This study investigates communication processes during sketching in design teams on theoretical and empirical levels,and propose two frameworks.First,the design-communication block ...

Cognitive Load Management and Architectural Design Outcomes

Mohamed-Ahmed, A.; Bonnardel, N.; Côté, P.; Tremblay, S. // 2012
The aim of this study was to analyze the link between the way designers manage cognitive load during the process of architectural design and the outcome of this process, that is, the quality of the ...

Cognitive Problem Solving Behaviors of Design Teams In Di erent Task

Ensici, Ayhan; Bayazit, Nigan // 2012
In this research, the design processes employed in three different design tasks that are undertaken by a design team are analysed. Cognitive behaviors of the design team have been observed in an ...

Collaborative Stimulation of Memory Retrieval in Creative Design

Sauder, J.; Jin, Y. // 2012
Collaboration has often been attributed to encouraging creativity. This assumption is explored by investigating the influence of interactions between designers on creativity relevant cognitive ...


Montazeri, S.; Gonzalez, R.; Yoon, C.; Papalambros, P. Y. // 2012
In this paper we studied the role of color in triggering recycling behavior. According to the elaboration likelihood model of persuasion we hypothesized that the visual salience of recycling bins ...


Liikkanen, L. A.; Laakso, M. // 2012
The domain of design is associated with creativity. One recent debate concerns the influence of user-centered design (UCD) on creativity. This paper analyzes this influence based on a cognitive ...

Creative Processes in Groups – Relating Communication, Cognitive Processes and Solution Ideas

Farzaneh, H. H.; Kaiser, M. K.; Lindemann, U. // 2012
In technical product development group creativity sessions are performed to develop new and unobvious solution ideas. Different factors, e.g. creativity methods, influence the creative process and ...

Creativity Comparisons between Japanese and European at the Concept Creation Stage

Gentner, A.; Bouchard, C.; Esquivel, D.; Oprea, G. // 2012
The study presented in this article aims to measure the impact of sensory, cognitive and affective modalities and the influence of designer‘s culture on the association of ideas phase during creative ...

Design and Emotions: A Design Method Based on Neurosciences

Maiocchi, M.; Pillan, M. // 2012
Many neuroscience studies put in evidence that emotions are physical conditions related to the effects of different neurotransmitters on many body organs, as a result of stimuli received by the ...

Design Cognition Differences When Using Structured and Unstructured Concept Generation Creativity Techniques

Gero, J. S.; Jiang, H.; Williams, C. B. // 2012
This paper presents the results of measuring and comparing design cognition while using different creativity techniques for concept generation in collaborative engineering design settings. Eleven ...

Designing Emotional Services for Underground Stations

Pillan, M.; Maiocchi, M.; Galli, F. // 2012
Underground stations, while offering necessary access points to public transportation service facilities, offer great opportunities of urban dinamization. The paper presents the results of a design ...

Empower Me - Social Design Innovation for Homeless Families: Collective Design Creativity

Melles, G.; Howard, Z. // 2012
Design Creativity has largely been explored as an individual expression of design cognition rather than as the collective manifestation of interaction in context. Recent approaches to design with an ...

For Whom Are We Prototyping? A Review of the Role of Conceptual Prototyping in Engineering Design Creativity

Berglund, A.; Leifer, L. // 2012
n transporting ideas into concrete manifestations. Prototypes unlock cognitive association mechanisms related to visualization, prior experience, and interpersonal communication in ways that favour ...

From TRIZ to Technical Creativity Teaching

Choulier, Denis; Weite, Pierre Alain // 2012
This paper presents a reflection on a teaching module on creative design in mechanics. Primarily based on the teaching of TRIZ tools, it evolved towards technical creativity (creative design) to ...

Hard Cash in a Dematerialized World

Van Campenhout, Lukas Desmond Elias; Hummels, Caroline; Frens, Joep; Standaert, Achiel; Peremans, Herbert // 2012
Dematerialization is an ongoing process in today’s generation of intelligent, digital products. Content becomes disengaged from fixed carriers, and flows freely through networks and devices. We ...

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