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Sketching Interactive Experiences: Video Scenario to Support Imagination and Co-Design

Pillan, Margherita; Spadafora, Marco; Vitali, Annamaria Andrea // 2014
The paper presents the use of video-scenarios to support co-design of smart systems for public spaces. Video-scenarios are commonly employed in the design of innovative services and systems to ...


Dal Palu, D.; De Giorgi, C.; Astolfi, A.; Lerma ,B.; Buiatti, E. // 2014
The theme of multisensory product experience appears to be today very up-to-date in the design research. But even if some senses such as sight and touch have been deeply examined, other senses such ...


Roos, M.; Gramlich, S.; Kloberdanz, H.; Coric ,M. // 2014
Most product development approaches consider a manufacturing technology by ensuring the manufacturability of products. Instead a systematic cognition-based approach is developed to emphasize the ...

Where's my Robot? Integrating Human Technology Relations in the Design Curriculum

Eggink, Wouter // 2014
In today’s society, and in almost every forecast for the future, technology development plays a major role. From theories in Science & Technology Studies we learn that the development of new ...

A modular design tool for visualizing complex multiscale systems

Egan, Paul; Cagan, Jonathan; Schunn, Christian; LeDuc, Philip // 2013
As engineers design ever more complex systems, such as bionanotechnology, it is particularly difficult for engineers to navigate the influences of parameters to design across multiple scales. We ...

Analyzing the cognitive processes of an interaction design method using the FBS framework

Filippi, Stefano; Barattin, Daniela; Cascini, Gaetano // 2013
The engineering design community is debating since more than two decades on the development of models and methods suitable for analyzing the cognitive processes that occur within design activities. ...

Co-evolution of design tactics and CSCWD systems: Methodological circulation and the TATIN-PIC platform

Guerra, Andrea Luigi; Gidel, Thierry; Kendira, Atman; Vezzetti, Enrico; Jones, Alistair // 2013
This paper proposes a design strategy and a Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD) system, which have co-evolved together to meet the goal of improving the Preliminary Design Process ...

Comparison of design approaches between engineers and industrial designers

Yilmaz, Seda; Daly, Shanna R.; Seifert, Colleen; Gonzalez, Richard // 2013
Design Heuristics are an idea generation tool based on empirical evidence from successful designs. The heuristics serve as cognitive “shortcuts” that encourage exploration of novel directions ...

Context, collaboration and complexity in designing: The pivotal role of cognitive artifacts

Subrahmanian, Eswaran; Reich, Yoram; Krishnan, Sruthi // 2013
Designing progresses through continuous refinement of models. In today's design practice, these models get created and refined by multi-cultural, multidisciplinary teams that speak different ...

Creative design teaching-learning methods: a reflection from the professors

Betancourt, Maria Clara // 2013
The main purpose of this article is to identify teaching and learning strategies that enhance creativity and decision making in Design Education. The experiences of the instructors are used as the ...

Design and testing of a new medical rail-adapter product

Wu, Xiaolong; Choi, Young Mi // 2013
Injuries caused by medical device use errors were much more common than injuries resulting from medical device failures. There are many factors that contribute to device use errors such as device ...

Designers’ promises or users’ expectations?

Gabelloni, Donata; Fantoni, Gualtiero // 2013
Several frameworks describe the design process, such as the FBS model and its extensions. Some of them present a designer-centric view, while the most recent ones are more based on the user’s point ...

Designing the difference in an inclusive way

Almendra, Rita Assoreira // 2013
This paper proposes inclusive product designing as a way of creating a more collaborative material culture and of engaging in a meaningful social dialogue among people. Illustrating the argument it ...

Engineering design education: skin deep or is there a need for body?

Parkinson, Brian; Edwards, Kevin // 2013
An engineering infrastructure through manufacturing industry is an important means of generating income capable of considerably benefiting national economies. From a general perspective engineering ...

Eye tracking, a method for engineering design research on engineers' behavior while analyzing technical systems

Matthiesen, Sven; Meboldt, Mirko; Ruckpaul, Anne; Mussgnug, Moritz // 2013
The analysis of technical systems is a central activity in design processes. Engineers need to understand the functions of a system in order to gain inputs for further development. In using design ...

Function in Engineering: Benchmarking Representations and Models

Summers, Joshua David; Eckert, Claudia; Goel, Ashok // 2013
This paper presents the requirements and needs to establish a benchmarking protocol for systematic comparison of different function modeling representations. This benchmarking protocol includes ...

Grounded knowledge representations for biologically inspired design

Helms, Michael; Goel, Ashok // 2013
Over the last decade or so, biologically inspired design has emerged as a major paradigm in engineering design. In our work on biologically inspired design we generate grounded descriptive accounts ...

Influence of communication elements and cognitive effects on creative solution search in groups

Hashemi Farzaneh, Helena; Kaiser, Maria Katharina; Lindemann, Udo // 2013
Creative solution search in groups represents a challenge in technical product development. A number of methods and recommendations exist for creativity sessions in groups. However, the influences of ...

Interactive fundamentals for graphic design

Cordova, Viviana // 2013
Graphic Design education is entering a new era where the influence of various fields, including interactivity, cognitive psychology, computer science, and more has broadened the research topics of ...

Linking of function carriers with physical contradictions

Ognjanovic, Milosav; Babic, Jasmina; Vasin, Sanja // 2013
The current trend in the new product development is horizontal integration of various fields of technical solutions and principles of action (mechanical, electrical, software, etc). In order to ...

Mediating engineering design team performance through conscientiousness and cognitive style

Sprehn, Kelly A.; Macht, Gretchen A.; Kremer, Gul E.; Nembhard, David A. // 2013
Within a design context, team dynamics affect final product design, speed of project completion, innovation, and quality level. Despite the criticality of team composition, the formation of teams ...

Mediating technology: How ICT influences the morality of the digital generation

Bats, Jan; Valkenburg, Rianne; Verbeek, Peter-Paul // 2013
An increasingly important theme for ICT designers is in what way ICT interferes with moral reasoning. ICT has given us new possibilities and it has simplified our lives. However, it is also ...

Missing miscommunications in interdisciplinary design practice

Torrisi, Vanna Savina; Hall, Ashley // 2013
Interdisciplinarity is a key ingredient in amplifying the breadth of design explorations and the ability to merge different perspectives is essential for the future of design innovation. Several ...

Modelling of memories through design

Gulden, Tore // 2013
This article explores how to design for product longevity. The design approach Contexts of Experience (COE) makes the basis for this interdisciplinary study which combines research on ...

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